I Support a Universal Charitable Tax Credit

I will trust the people who will elect me, to direct a portion of their taxes to the organizations in their community they believe best address human needs. I am a candidate of, by, and for an engaged and empowered People! Together, we’ll do better.

I will work to enact legislation that would allow Idahoans to direct up to $500 from their income tax to qualified charities with the goal of getting money into the hands of private organizations able to take on public services rather than throwing money at bloated state bureaucracies.

My opponent, as a legislative committee chairman, put this bill to create a universal charitable tax credit here in Idaho, in his DRAWER and refused to allow the committee to hear it (THIS YEAR, 2018!)

Let us improve the quality of public services & make better use of our collective resources by giving citizens the choice to direct an amount of their taxes via the Universal Charitable Tax Credit (UCC) to nonprofit organizations that provide vital public services in their local communities.


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