What My Opponent Supports


Burdensome Regulations (H 110)

This bill lifted the requirement for vehicles to display a front license plate if the vehicle was not manufactured with a bracket or other means to display a front license plate. In 2017, my opponent voted against this common-sense repeal of a burdensome regulation.

Increased Government Control of Healthcare (H 644)

This bill was a new $5 million per year government-run health-care program. In 2016, my opponent voted for giving the state more control over healthcare.

Corporate subsidies (H 286)

This bill exemplified the kind of corporate cronyism that translates to a higher tax burden on those of us who are not granted special perks by the government through legislation. In 2015, my opponent voted for more cronyism in Idaho.

More Burdensome Regulations (H 318)

This bill allowed convention and event centers in Idaho resort towns to acquire liquor licenses, increasing our businesses competitiveness with other states. In 2015, my opponent voted against reducing regulations that made Idaho businesses less competitive.

Don’t listen to my opponent’s WORDS, research his ACTIONS, and on May 15th, vote for

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