About Lori

I am no stranger to the Idaho legislature. I have been a volunteer political activist for over 10 years now, throwing my time, money, and energy into causes that matter to me. The picture is from a Press Tribune article a few years back: “Shewmaker is among parents backing a plan by Idaho lawmakers to give advanced students scholarships for graduating from the K-12 system early.” This bill took a portion of the education savings [from the kids graduating early] and have only quarter of the saved taxpayer money follow them to higher Ed. A win-win in my opinion.

I have testified many times over the years in the committees of the Idaho House and Senate, but I am NOT a politician. I am a concerned citizen who thinks that PEOPLE know better how to run their lives than anyone else, that most people work very hard, and should be keeping the fruits of their labor. I consider myself a disenfranchised conservative constitutional Republican. My history of volunteering for the causes of life, liberty and property show this.

Campaign News

I Support a Universal Charitable Tax Credit

I will trust the people who will elect me, to direct a portion of their taxes to the organizations in their community they believe best address human needs. I am a candidate of, by, and for an engaged and empowered People! Together, we’ll do better. I will work to enact …

Personal Endorsement of Lori Shewmaker from Dick Heller

Personal Endorsement of Lori Shewmaker from Dick Heller

“Lori Shewmaker has been a Friend of Liberty and has fought for your rights for years. Lori is a solid conservative and will not waver when it comes time to defending our Second Amendment Rights against all infringements. Please vote for Lori Shewmaker on May 15 for the Idaho House …

What My Opponent Supports

MY OPPONENT HAS CONSISTENTLY VOTED IN FAVOR OF: Burdensome Regulations (H 110) This bill lifted the requirement for vehicles to display a front license plate if the vehicle was not manufactured with a bracket or other means to display a front license plate. In 2017, my opponent voted against this …